Dr. Terry A. Gordon

the wounded healer

A renowned cardiologist shares his experience of an unspeakable tragedy — and the blessings and lessons he took away from it.

No Storm Lasts Forever

“A truly magnificent story, written by a man I consider to be one of the finest human beings I have known.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Nothing can protect us from experiencing our share of dark days. We all have them. But we can do something to transform tragedies into opportunities for growth, enlightenment and positive change. And that’s what this intense and captivating new book, No Storm Lasts Forever: Transforming Suffering into Insight is all about.

The author speaks from experience. A brilliant cardiologist honored by the American Heart Association as a former National Physician of the Year, Dr. Terry Gordon experienced a horrific family tragedy that caused him to re-think everything. This book documents his weathering of the emotional storm and the paradoxically positive, lifelong blessings he gained from the experience.

But this is not just a guidebook on coping with tragedy. It’s also a touching, beautifully written page-turner — and a powerful love story.

“This book will rekindle your belief in the human spirit.” ~ Kenny Loggins

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From the book:

“When adversity comes our way, it is how we respond to that difficulty that determines who we are. Our life experiences become calamities only if we make the conscious decision to make tragedies out of them. We might just as easily choose to view them as opportunities for personal growth.”

Profound wisdom, strength for your hard times

This book of striking wisdom was written not by a self-appointed grief expert, but by a brilliant, eminent physician who lived through a real-life tragedy himself — learning invaluable lessons, and opening his soul to equip us for our own tough times.

It’s a book you’ll want to keep on your bookshelf to turn to for comfort and wisdom that will get you through your own inevitable times of trial.

On nearly every page is a profound reflection that will make you stop and think — in the tradition of other doctors who became great writers and thinkers, such as Walker Percy and Lewis Thomas.

Perhaps something about the practice of medicine, the daily involvement in life-and-death situations, equips physicians with a unique wisdom — and when combined with the great writing talent Dr. Gordon is blessed with, the result is moving, powerful, in fact unforgettable — all the way from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s foreword to the final pages.

“Terry Gordon takes us into the middle of a father’s nightmare in an honest and unflinching testament to faith. His journey with his son Tyler is a reminder that we are always connected to a higher power and that connection provides us with an unlimited ability to find light amid dark times. Terry shows us how fear and uncertainty is no match for joy and positivity and we need not ever face our challenges alone.”

~ Robert Davis, former USA TODAY reporter

The remarkable Dr. Gordon

Dr. Terry A. Gordon completed his Invasive Cardiology Fellowship at the renowned Cleveland Clinic, moving on to a stellar career as a cardiologist. But his contributions go far beyond his occupation. After the tragic death of a local high school athlete from sudden cardiac arrest, Dr. Gordon spearheaded an initiative in Ohio to place Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in every school. Over 4,470 AEDs were placed and more than 15,000 people trained in CPR and the use of AEDs. At least fifteen lives have been saved as a direct result of this initiative. He is now spearheading a national campaign called The Josh Miller HEARTS Act, a bill to place an AED in every single school in the United States. The bill has passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is currently awaiting passage in the Senate.

Dr. Gordon was also a founding member of Stewart’s Caring Place, established for people and families touched by cancer. He was a member of the Youth Motivational Task Force, inspiring inner city youth to aspire to greatness. He has been a long-standing board member of the American Heart Association. And, he is a co-host of the ‘Docs Who Rock’ fundraiser for the United Way. He has been married to his wife Angela for 33 years, and is deeply devoted to her and their four children.

As Hume once wrote: “The sweetest path of life leads through the avenues of learning”.

A portion of the proceeds from No Storm Lasts Forever will be donated to “The Pursuit of Happyness” College Scholarship Fund at The University of Akron. Inspired by a movie of the same title, it is a true story based on the life of Chris Gardner who rose above seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become a Wall Street legend. This scholarship has been established to provide assistance to students in need who might not otherwise be able to achieve their dream.


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A family love story

Perhaps the most surprising and gratifying aspect of the book is the astonishing love displayed within Dr. Gordon’s family of six as they come together to face a devastating event.

The devotion between Dr. Gordon and his wife of 33 years (and between the four children and their parents) is an inspiration and a reminder to every reader of the importance of putting family and faith ahead of everything else.

In a sense, this book is not about a tragedy — it’s a love story.

More praise for No Storm Lasts Forever:

No Storm Lasts Forever is both heartbreaking and triumphant. It is one father’s courageous account of personal tragedy — his son’s spinal cord injury and resultant paralysis. The reader’s initial response is one of compassion and empathy. As the story progresses, this turns into a sense of triumph as the author grows to accept what his God has ordained, making use of his sorrow to enter a new life of love and faith.”

~ Richard Selzer, M.D. retired surgeon and author of Confessions of a Knife

“I was very moved by No Storm Lasts Forever. It’s so rare that a father, in the midst of such tragedy, can grow so fully and then write about it so clearly. His message that the worst suffering calls forth the most compassion is the central one to our human existence. The question isn’t about suffering. It’s how we walk through it, who we walk with, and who we walk for — in shared spirit. No Storm Lasts Forever is a fine book, written with heart and head, and teaches us the healing power of nature.”

~ Samuel Shem, author of The House of God

“The arc of Terry Gordon’s once comfortable future was shattered in an instant. After a phone call left them only shards of their former life, the path he and his family have taken hovers between a cautionary tale and a clarion call. This is an American story worth your attention.”

~ Nick Clooney, author/ reporter,
(father of actor George Clooney)

No Storm Lasts Forever will rekindle your belief in the human spirit. Terry Gordon and his amazing family show us how to thrive even against an immeasurable, seemingly unbeatable adversary.”

~ Kenny Loggins

No Storm Lasts Forever

More from the book:

“The difficult days we experience can become the driving force of change. Rather than lamenting adversity, we can choose to be grateful for it. We can embrace and accept it as a gift from the Divine. Within these gifts are the lessons that can promote our development and maturation. By being grateful for adversity, we can see it as an opportunity to transform turmoil, disappointment, or suffering into understanding, insight, or resolve.”


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Please visit Dr. Gordon on his website www.drterrygordon.com where you can learn more about his approach to life.