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Book Reviews for “No Storm Lasts Forever”

A book that chose me and then changed my life.

Last month I was listening to Dr. Dyer on Hay House Radio and his guest was Dr. Terry Gordon. Dr. Terry Gordon is the author of “No Storm Lasts Forever, Transforming Suffering Into Silence”. As I listened to the show I realized that I had heard of Dr. Gordon before this day, but not because of this book. Dr. Gordon was instrumental in 4,500 Automated External Defibrillator machines being placed in schools all over the state of Ohio. As a cardiologist, Dr. Gordon recognizes the importance of this life saving piece of equipment and he has been working tirelessly to be sure that unnecessary deaths do not continue to occur in our schools. It was because of this project that I knew who Dr. Gordon was.

“No Storm Lasts Forever” is not a book about the AED project. This is a collection of journal writings by Dr. Terry Gordon during a very difficult time in his life. In 2009 his son Tyler was involved in a car accident and suffered a major spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. In this book Dr. Terry Gordon allows the reader into his world shortly before and after this accident.

I must be honest, the interview was interesting but I was not yet considering reading the book. I am the primary caregiver for my father who suffers from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and he is 100% bedridden. Last month I was not ready to go on Dr. Gordon’s emotional journey with him, because I felt that my own journey was enough for me. The universe however had other plans for me and the book continued to cross my path for a few more days after the interview. Then the time came for me to choose my first book to review for Hay House and you guessed it, “No Storm Lasts Forever” was one of the selections presented to me.

“If you are looking for a story with an ending in which everyone lives happily ever after, I would suggest that you close this book right away and try to get your money back.” says Dr. Terry Gordon in his preface to the book. He was right. This is not a story in which the main character rushes to his injured son and nurses him back to perfect health. In fact, there are very few medical details revealed about the accident and the months that followed. When I began reading the book I thought that I might find useful information about physically caring for my father, but that type of information was missing. Instead I found something much more valuable inside the pages of this book. This is a compilation of spiritual lessons that Dr. Terry Gordon learned during this period of his life. These are lessons that were taught to him by not only people, but animals and nature as well.

“Treat this as if you had chosen it to be.” These were the divine words spoken by a voice from deep within Dr. Terry Gordon. I cried as I read the words and I realized that this is not the life I that chose for my father or myself but if I treat it as if I did choose it, then maybe it will actually become easier, and it has. A few days after reading this page I found myself shaving my father with new love and tenderness. All of my frustration and exhaustion that I had previously felt was gone. Treating these tasks as if I have chosen them allows me to perform them with the love and compassion that my father deserves.

This was a book that I did not want to put down but whenever I did the universe showed me my own examples of the many small miracles in my life. It doesn’t matter what you are experiencing or have experienced in your life, there is a lesson for you in this book. I thank you Dr. Terry Gordon for sharing your journey with me. You have changed my life and you have made my spiritual load much lighter.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Hay Girl Tracy Petitt

No storm last forever but LOVE does

“Dr. Terry Gordon is not only a superb person but more importantly an amazing spiritual individual who has so many virtues that we all can learn from. This is a book that is not about reading to find out the end of the story as most of the books are written. This book is a instrument of reflexion and guidance of how to deal with our own storms (drops of rain compared to what DR. Gordon’s family had gone through)

This book is an inspiration, I believe it should be present in all the spinal cord centers around USA and must be given to the families and the patients that happenn to be there.

The book touch my heart, I wept few times, less than I expected. I was in a state of aahh reading those lines and could not believe that Dr. Gordon existed in this world. I admire each of every one of his family members for the instrumental role they’ve done in Tyler’s recovering.

This book is a MUST have and keep it handy when we are bothered for the “The insignificant stuff” that clouds our minds and block our hears.”

Maria Raquel Lopez. M.D, Neurologist

Sharing wisdom and love in the midst of heartache.

“No Storm Lasts Forever is a beautiful love story from a father to his son, a husband to his wife, and a man to his family and community. Many of life’s simplest lessons and insights are woven through the story of his son, Tyler and the heartbreaking injury he suffered in a car accident. The subsequent struggle for Terry, Tyler, and their family to find peace and happiness in the midst of an overwhelming challenge is heart achingly beautiful. Terry chooses not to wait for the storm to end before looking for sunlight.

Clearly Tyler’s accident forever changes each member of the family, but the foundation that Terry and his wife, Angela have built remains standing. It’s impossible to read this book with out seeing that the goodness and love were in place for many years. When put to the ultimate test, Terry has used the values and teachings of his past to live in his present and find hope for the future.

The simple moments, even when they are enveloped by the unexplainable complexities of life, can be abundant in God’s grace. Terry’s book No Storm Last Forever puts that into words.”

Mary Stepanek

What an inspiring book, I highly recommend it!

“Having gone through several family tragedies in the last two years, I was given a new perspective on how to deal with my losses. I particularily like what the book review says, “Rather than lamenting the so-called adversities, we can choose to be grateful for them, embracing them as gifts from the Divine.” This book is beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered through any kind of adversity. Awesome, Dr. Terry, just awesome!!”


Inspired by Strength

“Dr. Terry A. Gordon shared his painful journey of his son’s accident in his recently published book, “No Storm Lasts Forever…Transforming Suffering into Insight”. As a cardiologist, Terry Gordon certainly had witnessed life’s tragedies. When he received the news of his son’s automobile accident, resulting in a severe spinal cord injury, Dr. Gordon is faced with a personal tragedy and a choice. He can continue to view this event as a lifelong tragedy, or weather the storm, and as a result ultimately receive life’s gifts that are offered. Through their suffering, the Gordon family discovers the pain of life’s tragedies and are able transform it into opportunities for insight and growth. It is through Dr. Gordon’s journaling about his observations of their experience, that he is able to reflect upon life and all that it has to offer.

Gordon writes, “the most profound thing I have come to accept is that why the Gordons are facing this huge challenge is immaterial. What’s more important is how we’re overcoming it.” This is the lesson that can be applied to all of our lives, filled with hardship and tragedy. It is through Dr. Gordon’s inspirational offerings that we too can utilize our own experiences as a instrument for growth.”

Bonnie Compton

Truly an Inspiration To All

“Dr. Gordon is an amazing man. I had the pleasure of speaking with him at my father in laws retirement party. You see he was my father in laws cardiologist and surgeon. I was amazed at his sense of peace and his humbleness at the party. All I could think about was the fact that when I was dating my husband 18 years ago he saved my father in laws life. If not for this man my father in law would not have met his grandchildren or watched his kids get married. I found out that Dr. Gordon was trained by my own cardiologist and that his “new phase” of life as he called it has called him to become an author and motivational speaker. I came home and got the book. I read it from start to finish in one sitting and was truly honored to have had the chance to read this incredibly well written journey of a family that survived a nightmare. I am impressed at the ease with which Dr. Gordon expresses his emotions as both a father and doctor enduring an incredible struggle yet remaining positive and keeping the faith. This book touched my life in a special way and reminded me of my own need to accept things as they come and have faith that everything happens for a reason….If I could give this book a million stars I would…”

Angela M. Walburn

Very inpsiring and helpful!

“Reading this book is like talking to a dear friend. Mr. Gordon shares his life experiences and gives practical spriritual guidance, life advice, and strategies for coping in a non-preachy way. For people going through any kind of life challenge, or even just those in need of some perspective, this is a wonderful book. I find myself going back to it again and again and again to “tune up” my mind and help keep myself on a positive track, especially when the going gets tough. Wonderful!”

Avid Reader

Good insights on dealing with adversity

“Life was perfect!” says Dr. Terry Gordon in reflecting back to June 29, 2009. A successful cardiologist, Gordon and his wife were content in having raised three daughters and a son. The girls were all college graduates and son Tyler had just completed his sophomore year as a business major. Then tragedy strikes. That night Tyler is seriously injured in an auto accident. In a phone call early the next morning Gordon hears these dreaded words from the attending physician, “Your son is quadriplegic.”

In “No Storm Lasts Forever – Transforming Suffering Into Insight” Gordon shares with us his personal thoughts during this tumultuous time. “I have never kept a diary” Gordon writes, yet his son’s accident leads him to describe his frustrations and perceptions as he deals with his son’s injury. Little did he know at the time his diary was to later become this Hay House book – an inspiring tale for anyone going through a personal crisis.

I liked how Gordon relates uplifting stories of people he meets as he deals with his inner turmoil. Before his 40th high school reunion, for example, he reconnects with his first girl friend. He learns Marcia had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 25 years earlier. The one time actress and dancer is now confined to a wheel chair. “I am actually grateful for my disease,” she tells Gordon. “It has taught me more about myself then I ever could have found out otherwise. I learned how not to reject the pain of my adversity – how not to deny or ignore the hurt, but to embrace it as a precious gift from the Divine. I’ve found that by working through my turmoil, I’ve been able to discover goodness within the hardship, and, more important, what lies beyond the suffering.” These words are a comfort to Gordon as he struggles with why his son has to endure such a terrible fate.

Gordon has another chance encounter at an airport with a smiling man in a wheelchair. The author is amazed at the man’s cheery disposition. “His brilliant smile radiated from an enviable inner peace and happiness,” Gordon writes. In talking to the man Gordon gets new insights. “”I’m not going to tell you that the first two or three years were easy for me – they weren’t,” the man says. “They were pure hell. But you know what? At some point (your son) Tyler is just going to have to get over it.” After this encounter Gordon thinks to himself “When (Tyler) decides to change the way he looks at his circumstance, his circumstance will change.”

The book is full of inspiring stories like this as well as Gordon’s own discussions with his son Tyler. Gordon is a nature lover, and often he will describe a nature scene and turn it into a lesson to help him deal with his son’s condition. The title of the book, for example, comes from an encounter with a violent Colorado thunder storm outside Tyler’s hospital room. “Son, even God doesn’t create a storm that lasts forever,” he tells his son. “We must be patient, Ty. The sun will rise again. I promise you.”

I didn’t find the nature analogies as compelling as Gordon’s people stories in the book, but overall I recommend “No Storm” to anyone trying to make sense of a personal tragedy. There are no miracle cures in Gordon’s memoir, Tyler is still a paraplegic, yet Gordon writes, “the most profound thing I have come to accept is that why the Gordons are facing this huge challenge is immaterial. What’s more important is how we’re overcoming it.” The book can give you healing insights, too, in dealing with adversity in your own life.

This is another book review in my partnership with Hay House. I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Tim Larison