Life is Always Fair

There are no mistakes, no missteps. Life’s events only become calamities if we allow them to become so. If you look at challenges as a normal part of life, they can actually be the driving force of change.

Dealing with Life’s Adversities

So often, when people are faced with adversity, they expect to be able to resolve their issues quickly. Terry explains how practicing patience is critical for the healing process to occur.

Why Can’t People Just Get Along?

Throughout the history of mankind, conflict has existed. Fueled by hatred and animosity, millions of people have been slaughtered. Terry provides an interesting analogy comparing how the trillions of cells within the body work together for the benefit of the whole. We as members of the human race should do the same.

Anger is the Silent Suicide of the Soul

Terry explains that if anger is allowed to fill your soul, it will adversely affect everyone and everything you come in to contact with. He offers a solution that includes training our minds to handle the anger, and infusing love in to each and every interaction and relationship.

How Do We Prepare for the Unexpected

Terry explains that although disease, loss and suffering are inevitable, within them are important lessons. Learning to navigate through the storm offers us enlightenment to the mysteries they hold.

Stress is a Silent Killer – and What to Do About It

A staggering 60% of patient visits to physicians is for a stress related reasons. Stress is tied to almost every major illness. Terry breaks down how stress affects the body and offers suggestions on how to deal with the stress we all will inevitably face.


Finding Silence Is The Key To Meditation

Terry describes what Transcendental meditation is and how it helps him to clear the mind. It’s the silence that one achieves that allows the mind to achieve a much deeper consciousness. Meditation can help you to focus on the now, abandon the burdens of the past and rid your fears of the future.

This podcast is also available as an article: Finding Silence Is The Key To Meditation

The Importance Of Meditation

Terry explains that the mind is capable of many activities once the noise in our minds stemming from everyday distractions are cleared. It allows one to find peace and serenity from the burdens in life that often seem too great to bear.

This podcast is also available as an article: The Importance Of Meditation

My Spiritual Journey

Terry shares a moving experience of how a patient of his was the one to open his eyes to a whole new world of thinking.

This podcast is also available as an article: My Spiritual Journey

How Does One Become More Spiritual

Terry explains that your spirituality is not separate from you, it is you. Most people are encumbered by the physical world. He stresses the importance of a balance between the physical and spiritual planes.

This podcast is also available as an article: How Does One Become More Spiritual