Dr. Terry A. Gordon

the wounded healer

Should I Be Afraid to Die?

Despite the major advances in medicine, mortality remains 100 percent. We are all going to do it one day. As a natural corollary of life, if one allows, death can indeed be a beautiful thing. Dying should not be bogged down in sadness. If the act of death is viewed not as a threat, but in a positive light, one can come to appreciate it as a natural transitioning event of beauty and continuation. Then able to experience it without sorrow and with no fear, you can then savor it with exhilaration.

We should actually anticipate and welcome death, knowing that our journey cannot continue until the door of death opens to allow passage to the next phase of life, the place where ultimately, we will reconvene with our Source.

Just as this old Seneca saying suggests, “The day which we fear as our last is but the birthday of eternity.”

So the answer to your question is no I do not fear death.