Dr. Terry A. Gordon

the wounded healer

A Place Of Higher Consciousness

“The falls of your life provide you the energy to be propelled to a place of higher consciousness.”

That concept originally came from the Kabbalah, the ancient mystical text of Judaism where it is said: “The falls of our life provide us the energy to be propelled onto a higher path.”

When life is cushy, not a lot of growth occurs. I believe that in order to progress and mature spiritually, life and its challenges will necessarily have to become more challenging. The more daunting the challenges and the greater the apparent obstacles, the more potential there is for personal growth.

Consider the analogy of weight training, the sole purpose of which is to enhance the contractile fibers of one’s muscle mass. The body breaks down and rebuilds every single one of its muscles every fifteen to thirty days. Weight lifting accelerates that process. Science has demonstrated that resistance-training causes break down of muscle, which ultimately culminates in increased growth, muscle mass and strength. This occurs as a direct result of the healing process that occurs during the days following the exertion.

In other words, the muscle fibers must be broken down to their elemental parts before they can be rebuilt into a form much stronger than they had been before. The only way however for this to occur is allow adequate time for recovery. If one resumes the exercise too early, further degradation of muscle will occur which ultimately results in further weakening. This healing process requires the tincture of time.

So it is with us as well. There are times when we must be broken down to the core in order to be able to rebuild to a place where we come to find the new structure so much better than the old one. The recovery from such a metamorphosis often takes tincture of time as well. From Ernest Hemingway: “Life breaks all of us, but some of us are strong in the broken places.”

While it would be nice to pass through this material plane without any problems, avoiding sorrow, sadness, disease and even death, we cannot. None of us is immune to the apparent heartaches of life. At some time or another we all endure these seemingly negative experiences. The question becomes — are they really negative experiences?

When adversity comes, it is how we will respond to that difficulty that determines who we are. Our life experiences become calamities only if we make the conscious decision to make tragedies out of them.

We have one of two choices. We can either resist or we can accept what is placed before us on our plate. If we choose to view the crap that happens to us as opportunities for personal growth, these difficult days can become the driving force of major change.

So rather than lamenting so-called adversities, we should choose to be grateful for them. We can embrace them and accept them as gifts from the Divine. Within them lie the lessons that can promote our development and maturation. By being grateful for adversity, we can use it as an opportunity to transform and grow.

It is the falls of our life that like a heavy wrecking ball, break down old resistant foundations and attitudes in which we had become entrenched. In letting go of the attachment, these crumbling structures, these falls of our life open up a space, revealing realty ready for our own inner urban renewal of spirit.

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