Britt Gordon Blasdell’s artwork allows us to find ourselves, while at the same time, enabling us to lose ourselves. Specifically, inspirational art frees us from the heaviness of the world and the many challenges facing us as a species.



Britt Gordon Blasdell’s artwork arises from Divine inspiration. As she lives life, she gathers the honey of those experiences, blending them with the profound lessons gleaned from her higher consciousness.

Her distinctive technique combines watercolors, acrylics, and oils intermingled with words of inspiration hidden in a medley of meaningful symbols. Her striking blend of mystical musings, alchemized with fragments from everyday life create powerful and healing eternal works of art.

Her spiritually purified offerings allow her as the creator to serve as a mediator between her magnificent works of art and you, the recipient, whose perspective on life will forever be changed.

Wherever Britt goes, she radiates the same inner richness found in her spiritual art. She remains in harmony with both the spiritual as well as the physical realm, balancing her life and artwork between these two spheres.

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