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“Its not the spoken words from your mouth that impact your life, it’s the whispers of your heart that faciliate the shift in consciousness.”~ Dr. Terry Gordon

Dear Gentles:

Welcome to Whispers of the Heart. Upon joining, you will begin receiving one of my affirmations, every day. You might ask, what benefit is there to nuggets such as these? Generally speaking, daily affirmations are designed to encourage us to look at life in a more positive light. Scientifically, it has been demonstrated that daily inspirations can make life more fulfilling and peaceful. Such positivity not only can improve our outlook and wellbeing, it can benefit those with whom we come into contact. A ripple effect of positivity becomes contagious. Those who are optimistic as a rule, enjoy a better quality of life. They are happier, more productive, and are emotionally and physically healthier compared to those whose minds are filled with ruminating and destructive negative thoughts.

I hope you benefit as much from these offerings as I have in creating them for you.

Namaste, Terry