No Storm Lasts Forever

Transforming Suffering Into Insight

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By Dr. Terry Gordon

Foreword by Wayne Dyer

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“This book will rekindle your belief in the human spirit.”

~ Kenny Loggins

As a world–renowned cardiologist who has dealt with life and death on a daily basis, Dr. Terry Gordon understood that life can change in the blink of an eye. However, in June of 2009 nothing could have prepared him for the fateful phone call he received informing him that his 20 year-old son, Tyler, had been involved in a near fatal car accident, sustaining a severe spinal cord injury that left him quadriplegic.

Dr. Gordon’s journey from the day he left Ohio to be at his son’s bedside and the profound response he received to his heartfelt prayers, resulted in a spiritual awakening and a clearer understanding of life and the truths it has to offer.


“An unspeakable tragedy . . . immeasurable blessings”

“A truly magnificent story, written by a man I consider to be one of the finest human beings I have known….One of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read.”

~ Wayne Dyer (from the foreword)

His compelling and emotional true story of surviving the fiercest of life’s storms to finding the rainbow through the clouds is documented in his inspiring memoir.

“The arc of Terry Gordon’s once comfortable future was shattered in an instant. After a phone call left them only shards of their former life, the path he and his family have taken hovers between a cautionary tale and a clarion call. This is an American story worth your attention.”

~ Nick Clooney, author, reporter 
(father of George Clooney)

In this book, Dr. Gordon contends that rather than lamenting so-called adversities in our lives, we can choose to be grateful for them. We can embrace them and accept them as gifts from the Divine; as they can provide fertile soil for growth and enlightenment. For anyone dealing with adversity, tragedy, grief, emotional or physical pain, this book provides refreshing and inspirational insights that can help the reader appreciate how a so-called tragedy can actually be a blessing in disguise.

No Storm Lasts Forever offers insight into how to transform turmoil, disappointment, and suffering into understanding, insight, and resolve.

“Terry Gordon takes us into the middle of a father’s nightmare in an honest and unflinching testament to faith. His journey with his son Tyler is a reminder that we are always connected to a higher power and that connection provides us with an unlimited ability to find light amid dark times. Terry shows us how fear and uncertainty is no match for joy and positivity and we need not ever face our challenges alone.”

Robert Davis, former USA TODAY reporter

No Storm Lasts Forever is both heartbreaking and triumphant. It is one father’s courageous account of personal tragedy — his son’s spinal cord injury and resultant paralysis. The reader’s initial response is one of compassion and empathy. As the story progresses, this turns into a sense of triumph as the author grows to accept what his God has ordained, making use of his sorrow to enter a new life of love and faith.”

Richard Selzer, M.D. retired surgeon and author of Confessions of a Knife

“I was very moved by No Storm Lasts Forever. It’s so rare that a father, in the midst of such tragedy, can grow so fully and then write about it so clearly. His message that the worst suffering calls forth the most compassion is the central one to our human existence. The question isn’t about suffering. It’s how we walk through it, who we walk with, and who we walk for — in shared spirit. No Storm Lasts Forever is a fine book, written with heart and head, and teaches us the healing power of nature.”

Samuel Shem, author of The House of God

“The arc of Terry Gordon’s once comfortable future was shattered in an instant. After a phone call left them only shards of their former life, the path he and his family have taken hovers between a cautionary tale and a clarion call. This is an American story worth your attention.”

Nick Clooney, author/ reporter, (father of actor George Clooney)

No Storm Lasts Forever will rekindle your belief in the human spirit. Terry Gordon and his amazing family show us how to thrive even against an immeasurable, seemingly unbeatable adversary.”

Kenny Loggins


Emory Magazine
“[the book is ]…about finding personal transformation in the chaos… [Gordon]. . . self described wounded healer, has stopped believing things happen by chance and has started seeing positive transformational opportunities in these coincidences –the central message of his book.”

Cleveland Clinic Alumni Magazine

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences Magazine
“Retired Cardiologist Offers Advice for Successful Living”

Inbound Recruiter (YouTube review)
“We often don’t feel equipped to overcome adversity in our life, this book will help you on a personal and professional level.”

Above & Beyond the Fives Senses Series –An interview with Kathleen O’Keefe
“What makes Terry’s story so unique is how it uses the tragedy as a vehicle to self-realization. Terry does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk, and then shows you how.”

The Edge Magazine (Minneapolis, MN)
Book Review
“Rather than lamenting adversities, we can choose to be grateful for them, embracing them as gifts from the Divine. . . and such gifts are presented to you in No Storm Lasts Forever.”
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EarthStar Magazine


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Customer Reviews

  • No storm last forever but LOVE does.

    “Dr. Terry Gordon is not only a superb person but more importantly an amazing spiritual individual who has so many virtues that we all can learn from. This is a book that is not about reading to find out the end of the story as most of the books are written. This book is a instrument of reflexion and guidance of how to deal with our own storms (drops of rain compared to what DR. Gordon’s family had gone through)
    This book is an inspiration, I believe it should be present in all the spinal cord centers around USA and must be given to the families and the patients that happen to be there.

    The book touch my heart, I wept few times, less than I expected. I was in a state of aahh reading those lines and could not believe that Dr. Gordon existed in this world. I admire each of every one of his family members for the instrumental role they’ve done in Tyler’s recovering.

    This book is a MUST have and keep it handy when we are bothered for the “The insignificant stuff” that clouds our minds and block our hears.”

    -Maria Raquel Lopez. M.D, Neurologist

  • Sharing wisdom and love in the midst of heartache.

    “No Storm Lasts Forever is a beautiful love story from a father to his son, a husband to his wife, and a man to his family and community. Many of life’s simplest lessons and insights are woven through the story of his son, Tyler and the heartbreaking injury he suffered in a car accident. The subsequent struggle for Terry, Tyler, and their family to find peace and happiness in the midst of an overwhelming challenge is heart achingly beautiful. Terry chooses not to wait for the storm to end before looking for sunlight.
    Clearly Tyler’s accident forever changes each member of the family, but the foundation that Terry and his wife, Angela have built remains standing. It’s impossible to read this book with out seeing that the goodness and love were in place for many years. When put to the ultimate test, Terry has used the values and teachings of his past to live in his present and find hope for the future.

    The simple moments, even when they are enveloped by the unexplainable complexities of life, can be abundant in God’s grace. Terry’s book No Storm Last Forever puts that into words.”

    -Mary Stepanek

  • What an inspiring book, I highly recommend it!

    Having gone through several family tragedies in the last two years, I was given a new perspective on how to deal with my losses. I particularly like what the book review says, “Rather than lamenting the so-called adversities, we can choose to be grateful for them, embracing them as gifts from the Divine.” This book is beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered through any kind of adversity. Awesome, Dr. Terry, just awesome!!


  • Inspired by Strength.

    “Dr. Terry A. Gordon shared his painful journey of his son’s accident in his recently published book, “No Storm Lasts Forever…Transforming Suffering into Insight”. As a cardiologist, Terry Gordon certainly had witnessed life’s tragedies. When he received the news of his son’s automobile accident, resulting in a severe spinal cord injury, Dr. Gordon is faced with a personal tragedy and a choice. He can continue to view this event as a lifelong tragedy, or weather the storm, and as a result ultimately receive life’s gifts that are offered. Through their suffering, the Gordon family discovers the pain of life’s tragedies and are able transform it into opportunities for insight and growth. It is through Dr. Gordon’s journaling about his observations of their experience, that he is able to reflect upon life and all that it has to offer. Gordon writes, “the most profound thing I have come to accept is that why the ‘Gordons’ are facing this huge challenge is immaterial. What’s more important is how we’re overcoming it.” This is the lesson that can be applied to all of our lives, filled with hardship and tragedy. It is through Dr. Gordon’s inspirational offerings that we too can utilize our own experiences as a instrument for growth.”

    -Bonnie Compton

  • This book gives us all hope.

    “Dr. Terry Gordon is one amazing gentleman. I have known him personally for many years. He has been a great heart specialist and has done many fine things in and for the community as well. For him to suffer the pain and agony of having his son injured in this way and having the fortitude and faith to chronicle his activities during this stressful period is beyond comprehension. We can all learn a lesson from his efforts. And yes, no storm lasts forever. Sometime the ending is happy, sometimes it is not. This book gives us all hope that we can weather any kind of tragedy in our lives.”

    -Karen & Don

  • Keeps me on a positive track when the going gets tough!

    “Reading this book is like talking to a dear friend. Mr. Gordon shares his life experiences and gives practical spriritual guidance, life advice, and strategies for coping in a non-preachy way. For people going through any kind of life challenge, or even just those in need of some perspective, this is a wonderful book. I find myself going back to it again and again and again to “tune up” my mind and help keep myself on a positive track, especially when the going gets tough. Wonderful!”


  • Thankful for the small things.

    “This book was amazing, our family is going through a hard time and the words and family story really hit home for us. After reading this book the reader understands all families can reach peace in their heart by simply taking pause and being thankful for the small things in life.”

    -mother of 3

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