My Way Home

A true family affair, My Way Home is a single song performed by Dr. Gordon. It was composed by his brother-in-law, Eric Neff, who plays guitar on the recording. Dr Gordon provides vocals, harmonies and plays the autoharp. The CD cover artwork is by Britt Gordon Blasdell, Dr. Gordon’s daughter.

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You’ve heard the expression: “you can never go home.” There is nothing further from the truth.

From the moment of our conception, we are already well on our journey back to from
where we have come—on our way back home.

Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos and turmoil of life, try listening
to this song; see if you don’t reconnect with the serene, natural flow of life. Open your heart
and surrender to the peace that comes from within.

My Way Home will touch your heart, vibrating within you an unforgettable resonance.

“The musical notes and lyrics of this song gently course through me,
cleansing any toxicity I may be harboring.”

~Dr. Gordon

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