My Spiritual Journey

Published : September 29, 2018 by Dr. Terry Gordon

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Transformative rebirth for me likely began many decades ago. But I didn’t recognize it until fairly recently. The foundation for my spiritual path, the building blocks if you will, had been placed without me being conscious of it. The universe had begun providing the right people at just the right time…


Science teaches us to accept as fact that which our five senses experience. Anything beyond that is considered by most in mainstream medicine to be heresy. Prior to the invention of the microscope, scientists couldn’t see microbes; that of course didn’t negate their existence. But facts change with new revelations and technological advances that open the doors to discoveries that undermine our previously held positions based on what we thought we knew.

An interesting shift occurred in this scientist about 10 years ago. My pace had been a grueling one. Beginning at 6:45 am I would perform the first of five or six heart catheterizations, angioplasties or pacemaker implantations. In between procedures I would see the many patients hospitalized under my care, finishing in time to get to my office by 1:00 pm to see more patients in the afternoon.

One morning I was in the middle of a typical day of hospital rounds. I had literally run from one patient’s room to another. Quickly perusing the chart of a new patient I was about to see, I took in a deep breath and with a façade of calmness, entered his room.

Art Blair was a friendly gentleman in his mid 70’s who had been admitted to the hospital the previous evening complaining of chest pain. As I entered his room, the first thing out of his mouth was: “Whoa, Dr. Gordon, you’re killing yourself!”

I was taken aback to say the least. Incredulous, my response was, “I beg your pardon?”

He said: “I can see your aura, Dr. Gordon. You are surrounded by marvelous energy, but it’s terribly fractured. Man, you’d better do something about this” he said slowly shaking his head, “or something very bad is going to happen to you.”

I really didn’t have time for this. In a nice way I shared with him, “You know Mr. Blair, I’m the doctor. I’m here to help you!”

Art was a persistent sort. He offered, “Well okay, but you’d better slow down…”

Once I completed his evaluation and shared with him my plan of treatment, I turned to leave his room, my thoughts already focused on the next patient I was about to see. On my way out, Mr. Blair musically beckoned to me: “You know, Doc, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

I didn’t respond to his comment as I rushed from the room, but remember thinking, what is this old geezer talking about?

My suspicion was that he might have blockages to the arteries supplying his heart. So the next morning I took him to the lab to perform a cardiac catheterization on him. As I made the preparations to begin his procedure, an emergency arose in the coronary care unit; another patient was having a major heart attack. We had to abort Art’s catheterization in order to attend to this emergency. About half way through that two-hour angioplasty and stenting procedure, I stepped outside in the hallway just to make sure Art was doing okay. He was seemingly asleep on the gurney in the hallway, in no apparent distress.

When I was finally able to get Art back in the lab to begin his procedure, I apologized to him for the delay. He said with a radiant smile on his face, “No problem, Doc. I had two hours of g-r-e-a-t meditation. You realize, Doc, that meditation would benefit you immensely? It would help you to re-connect with your higher self, the one that you have forgotten.” Then he added, “Do you want to know what I saw in my meditation?” Not waiting for my response he continued, “I saw that you are going to find two blockages in my heart.”

I smiled at him as I responded: “Well, Mr. Hotshot Meditator Man, let’s see how good you are!” I felt pretty confident that I would prove him wrong. I have performed thousands of these procedures. I never know what I’m going to find until I get in and actually visualize the arteries. I laughed to myself because this weird dude who has never so much as seen a heart catheterization is telling me what I’m going to find! It was amusing to say the least.

As I completed the procedure, Art must have seen a smile cross my face because he asked, “What’s so funny, Doc?”

“Well, Art,” I paused, “perhaps we should have delayed your catheterization for three hours rather than just two so that you would have had more time to meditate. You have just one blockage.”

Art wouldn’t let go. “Are you sure, Doc?” he asked. “I know I saw two in my meditation.”

I reviewed the films with him, which showed that in each view indeed there was only one blockage. It was a critical blockage but he had only one occlusion.

What happened next brought gooseflesh crawling over my skin. He looked at me with such conviction, his crystal hazel eyes piercing mine as he slowly said, emphasizing each word: “Terry — you’re — missing — something.”

I reviewed his films one more time. He was so insistent that to get him off my back, I took one additional view of his arteries, an angle I rarely take.

Guess what I found? The second blockage!

How did he know? He had no training in anatomy. He hadn’t been educated in the sciences I had relied on for all these years. But somehow Art knew. I fixed his two clogged arteries, stenting them successfully, but I must share with you, I don’t recall performing the procedure. My mind was elsewhere. The question kept rolling through my mind, how did he know? Intrigue was drawing me to him like a magnet; I sensed I was about to be introduced to something very profound.

When I finally completed my 14 hour day, I went straight to his room. Entering, I admitted, “Ok, Art, you’ve got my attention. What’s this all about?”

I made the choice when I allowed myself to have a change of heart. The time had come for a shift in my consciousness. Years of training and experience had paved the way for this precise moment.

Art and I spent the evening together in his hospital room as he shared with me some of the truths of the Universe he had come to know while traversing his spiritual path. The dawn of a new way of thinking had been gently and beautifully introduced to me as Art made me open my eyes to new possibilities that lay way beyond my previous comfort zone. Up to this point, I had been recalcitrant, so frozen in my modus operandi that I couldn’t see beyond what was right in front of my eyes. He encouraged me to open my eyes in order to recognize the path the Universe had been charting for me.

I made the conscious choice to take a step most scientists refuse to consider. I chose to be open to everything and attached to nothing. It was the beginning of a new leg of my life’s journey, one that would lead me to the discovery of unimaginable Truths.

The student was ready. With Divine orchestration . . . the teacher had appeared.